• Washi Tape Stickers Sheet
    Clear Washi Tape Stickers
    Glitter Washi Tape
    Custom Design Petal?Washi Stickers
    OEM Custom Logo Design Printed Assorted Kawaii Decoration Craft Washi Masking Paper Tapes Set
    Gold Foil Washi Tape Custom
    Custom Hollow Washi Tape
    Custom Plain Washi Tape Printing
    We Specialize in Custom Printing Washi Tape
    Established in 2007,Charmza Printing Technology (Charmza Label )is a professional washi tape printing factory in Heyuan--“The Manufacturing City” of China.
    Premium Quality
    Theworld leading Roll to Roll offset printing machines and experienced printing engineers
    Low Cost
    Our rotary offset label printing machine has low cost printing plate
    Fast Delivery
    Complete production facilities guarantee low cost and fast delivery time
    Quality Guarantee
    If you aren’t happy with your order We’ll offer to re-print it
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    +86 18316846100


    +86 18316846100

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